Alin Savoury Mix Chanachur

Our Savory Mix Chanachur is a carefully curated ensemble of flavors, bringing together the finest ingredients to create a snack that captivates the senses. This special blend features a medley of crispy lentils, savory nuts, crunchy bits, and a secret selection of spices


Ingredients: Chickpea, Palm Oil (Vegetable Fat), Pea, Green gram, Lentil, Flatten rice, Chilli Powder, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Salt.


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500100785 Foil Pack 13gm X 240pcs Bag 0.0814 344 823
500100330 Foil Pack 20gm X 240pcs Bag 0.0814 344 823
500100697 Foil Pack 50GM X 96Pcs Bag 0.0407 688 1647
500100696 Foil Pack 50GM X 96Pcs Ctn 0.0490 572 1369
500100951 Foil Pack 60gm X 96pcs Bag 0.0407 688 1647
500100508 Foil Pack 70GM X 96PCS Bag 0.0407 688 1647
500100339 Foil Pack 70gm X 96pcs Ctn 0.0490 572 1369
500100482 Plastic Jar 300gm X 12pcs Ctn 0.0221 1268 3034