Since its establishment in 2009, Alin Foods has been dedicated to carving a prominent place in the global market. What commenced as an export-centric endeavor swiftly evolved into an extraordinary narrative of expansion and acclaim. Our inception was sparked by the visionary ambition of our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Omar Farooque, whose goal was to establish international recognition for Bangladeshi food, snacks, and spices.

Mr. Farooque, drawing from his extensive business acumen gained through years of experience in Saudi Arabia, identified a compelling demand and market void for Bangladeshi processed food. Motivated by a dual objective to cater to international markets and contribute significantly to the nation's economy through foreign remittances, he founded Alin Food Products Limited.


Quality: We are committed to our customers in term of ensuring product quality and safety.

Innovation: We are embracing state of the art technology and modern processes for continuous improvement.

Customer-Centric Approach:  We priotize customer satisfaction by understanding and fulfilling their needs and preferences.

Sustainability: We are progressing with an environmentally responsible mindset, promoting sustainable practices in sourcing, production, and packaging.

Community Engagement: We are committed to give back to our communities through philanthropy, support, and responsible business practices.

Operational Fineness: We are constantly striving for operational efficiency, reliability, and safety in all aspects of the business.