Alin Dry Chilli

Our Dry Chilli collection features a curated assortment of premium, sun-dried chillies, each chosen for its unique flavor profile and heat intensity. From the subtle warmth of mild varieties to the fiery kick of the hottest peppers.


Ingredients: Dry Chilli.


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Alin Dry Chilli - SKU Details
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500100881 Foil Pack 40gm X 60Pcs Ctn 0.0367 762 1824
500100076 Foil Pack 50GM X 60PCS Ctn 0.0367 762 1824
500100129 Foil Pack 50GM X 72PCS Bag 0.0441 635 1520
500100563 Foil Pack-Transparent 100GM X 40PCS Ctn 0.0349 802 1920
500100989 Foil Pack-Transparent 250gm X 20Pcs Ctn 0.0612 457 1095
500100631 Foil Pack 500GM X 10PCS Ctn 0.0612 457 1095